Our blog is where we share tutorials, tips and tricks related MS Excel automation and development. The idea behind this blog is empowerment and capability development of our readers in MS Excel. We feel that MS Excel has huge capabilities as a data analytics and automation tool and there are many data rich industries that can benefit from it.

Through the blog we intend to discuss our analytics, automation and visualization ideas with other MS Excel enthusiasts and we hope that this will help us learn a lot of new things as well.

Our prime focus for the blog has been developing tools that help in analytics, automation and visualization. Needless to say everything uses Microsoft Excel. The idea has been to start small projects under each of these topics and keep adding small bits; finally grow them into awesome analytics, automation and visualization tools with the readers. We expect that this step-wise approach will not only allow our readers to develop/build-upon their MS Excel skill but will also help us obtain valuable inputs in the form of comments for improvements in our design and approach.

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