About us

Firstly, we would like to thank you for caring to read about us.

We are a small group of Microsoft Excel enthusiasts with Life-Sciences-based educational background and industry experience in Pharma Analytics and Research. When we say Pharma, we do not mean just the pharmaceutical companies—rather it’s just  a term we use for a collection of several other Life sciences based companies including  pharmaceutical , medical devices, nutraceuticals, medical consumables, implant manufacturers, and even chemical and instrument manufacturers.

What do we intend to do through this blog?

The idea behind this blog is empowerment and capability development of our readers in MS Excel. We feel that MS Excel has huge capabilities as a data analytics and automation tool and the Pharma industry being a data rich industry is the perfect platform where such capabilities can be utilized.

Through this website we intend to discuss our analytics, automation and visualization ideas with other MS Excel enthusiasts and we hope that this will help us learn a lot of new things.

What is our focus for this blog?

Our prime focus is going to be on analytics, automation and visualization. Needless to say everything would use Microsoft Excel. The idea is to start small projects under each of these topics and keep adding small bits to these projects through our blogs; Finally grow them into awesome analytics, automation and visualization tools with the readers i.e. a seed to tree approach. We expect that this step-wise approach will not only allow our readers to develop/build-upon their MS Excel skill but will also help us obtain valuable inputs in the form of comments for improvements in design and approach. These projects can be found on the ‘Crab Projects‘ page on our blog.

Who is Keshava?

I am a guy who lives in India and is totally obsessed with Excel & VBA, dashboards and forecasting models – which is not hard to guess :) I work as a consultant at an analytics consulting firm. I have almost a decade of experience in this domain and have worked for a varied set of companies and industries. In my spare time I like learning new computer languages, travelling, cooking and appreciating nature.

Enjoy reading our blog and feel free to contact us on query@crabsheet.com for any queries that you may have.

Thanks again!

One thought on “About us

  1. Nick Wakeham

    I cannot find the words to thank Keshava for all his help when I was completely stuck with Power Pivot and Charts. Am absolute gentleman – thank you for your kindness and sharing your knowledge.


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