Pegasus‒A VBA based Drag and Drop tool in MS Excel [1/2]

Hello friends..Happy New Year to all of you!

First year in a B-school takes its toll on you. But now, as things have settled down, I’m back.

This time around I’m back with something new—something that will take your MS Excel skills to the next level. We are going to create a drag-and-drop tool which would allow your deliverable to be more interactive. As usual, I’m going to give you a glimpse of what we’re going to develop and follow it with a post explaining how we develop it. And yes, I call it the Pegasus :) .

Our drag-and-drop tool would be a solution for pharma analysts and would help them to analyze the drug pipeline for Pharma companies in a very novel and effective way. We would do a simple two dimensional analysis which would allow the user to view the number of molecules by their mechanism of action that various pharma companies have in their pipeline.

You would ask why to go for such a complicated solution when we can simply use dropdowns to create this solution. Well, my aim here is to demonstrate how to build drag-and drop functionality in MS Excel which will open a whole new range of possibilities for you in the long run. Moreover, it looks and feels amazing!

Just to give you a peek of what we will be learning, I’ve uploaded a video (shown below).

The list below is mentioned just to tell you what all we will be using in to develop this tool:

VBA Components:

  1. ActiveX Labels
  2. ActiveX List box
  3. Simple code snippets to enable drag and drop functionality

MS Excel Components:

  1. Column Charts
  2. Conditional Formatting
  3. Text Boxes
  4. Some simple Formulas
  5. Awesome Designing Techniques

After reading the list above, you must be thinking that we have already learned all of this! Well yes, you know most of it already—a few lines of code and you will learn how to develop something entirely new. This is the beauty of Excel—you can use different combinations of features to come up with infinite new solutions to do the same thing. You just have to use your creative side.

I hope you are excited to learn after seeing the video—I know I am to teach you. I’ll come back with the tutorial very soon. Till then, happy Excelling!

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