Pivot Tables: From Basics to Creating Dashboards

Hello Friends,

As the title suggests, In this series of posts we’ll be covering Pivot Tables starting with the very basics and then move on to creation of Dashboards using them.

The topics will be covered in two series—the first explaining working of Pivot Tables in detail and the second on dashboard creation using Pivot Tables. If you’re already familiar with Pivot Tables, you can skip the next section.

Pivot Tables 101: The Basics

There are hundreds of Pivot Table tutorials out there which do a great job of explaining what Pivot Tables do. But honestly, for me none of them worked comprehensively—I would certainly learn a few things but had no clue as to where all I can use them.

What did work for me were projects! Once I got my hands dirty in projects, I realized how easy it was to work with Pivot Tables. Moreover, once you see a few basic applications of Pivot Tables, you really can build on those endlessly.

So, to help our readers master Pivot Tables, we decided to come up with a series in which you can work along with us on short independent projects and learn Pivot Tables progressively. Below are the topics that we’ll be covering in the series while trying to answer questions about our data.

  1. Pivot Table Introduction: Preparing data and creating a Pivot Table (coming soon..)

  2. Pivot Table Basics: Exploring our data and answering basic questions (coming soon..)

  3. Pivot Table Advanced: Getting insights from our data (coming soon..)

Once you have covered the above topics in the form of projects, you’ll be a Pivot Table pro.

Pivot Tables 102: Creating Dashboards

In this section, we will delve into the really exciting application part which I was talking about before. We’ll use our newly acquired knowledge of Pivot Tables to create an interactive dashboard the Pivot Table way. The following topics will be covered in this series.

  1. Introduction to Pivot Charts (coming soon..)

  2. Creating selectors for your dashboard (coming soon..)

  3. Dashboard structure and design (coming soon..)

  4. Using VBA to improve your dashboard (coming soon..)

  5. Advantages/limitations of Pivot Table Dashboards (coming soon..)

We hope that you’ll have fun while learning in these upcoming series. Please feel free to reach out to us if you think that we’ve missed out on something and we’ll try and include it in our future posts.

Happy Excelling!

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