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A Tool to Find and Replace Words Within PowerPoint Charts

What !! you want me to change the name of a product in 120 charts because I missed to capitalize the first letter? And you want me to do this in the next 30 minutes? Do you have any idea that there is no inbuilt functionality in PowerPoint to do this?

This was the reaction my friend had when his manager asked him to change the product name in all the charts in the 150 slides PowerPoint deck that he just made. Since it was not the first time this had happened to him and he was pretty sure that it would happen many more times again, he reached out to me.

So, I made him a tool that allowed him to specify all the names that he wanted to change and their substitutes on an excel sheet and let the Excel tool take care of the rest. And for the greater good, I decided to share it with you guys. Download the tool here (Find Replace Within PowerPoint Charts tool; xlsm).

Using the tool is a simple two-step process and is explained in the image below.


I hope your manager never asks you to do so. But if he does, you will find this tool useful :)