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Introducing Dashboard 101 ― MS Excel skills required for dashboard creation

Howdy Pharmexellians!!

Microsoft Excel dashboards play a significant role in the Healthcare industry, particularly in the lives of people working with the Pharma data. Though Microsoft provides a lot of documentation on the various features of MS Excel, there is hardly any material that could guide someone to create a full-fledged dashboard from the scratch. Moreover, there are several websites that provide online training for dashboard basics, but most of these tutorials are paid. Keeping all this in mind, we decided to prepare a comprehensive (and not to mention FREE) tutorial on the basics of dashboard creation — we call this Dashboard 101.

Before creating this section we brainstormed a lot on the MS Excel skills that one may need for creating his/her very first dashboard. Eventually we shortlisted 10 different skills (shown below) and came up with a tutorial section on each one of them.

10 Steps for Dashboarding

We have tried to be as narrative/descriptive as possible in our tutorials and, by the end of it; we expect that you would be well-equipped to create your own awesome dashboards.

The scope of this section will not only be limited to dashboard creation, as it will also help all our readers in developing a robust understanding of the MS Excel tools that can be used extensively in the field of data analytics and automation. Furthermore, the Dashboard 101 series will act as a handy reference for your MS Excel/dashboarding needs, as you will see in almost all our future posts/projects.

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