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Creating a progress bar using MS Excel charts

While writing complex VBA programs, or programs that take a lot of time to run (e.g. calculating country/region-wise sales from third-party data), it is useful to give the end-user some sense of the task completed/remaining. I am essentially talking about the progress bar that we see in most software, websites and operating systems. Excel does not have a built-in progress bar that one can use for programming purposes. However, there are several ways of creating one. In this post I am going to use an Excel chart to create such a progress bar–please note that this is not the only way or the best way of creating a progress bar, but definitely one of the easy and effective ways. The end product will look like the one shown in the GIF image below:

ms excel chart based process bar

The first step is to create a 2-D bar chart using data for two series (lets say, Total and Current): Continue reading