Dashboard 102 – Array Formulas

To make a dashboard one must have very good command over formulas. The more formulas and ways of using them you know, the better your dashboard will be. But using the formulas in their simplest form may not always help you solve the problem – specially in the case of dashboards that are data intensive and each query a user makes processes all the rows of data. Such row wise processing usually needs a helper column or VBA. But not always – you can use array formulas to process a large number of rows in a single cell.

Wondering – how? To make you well versed in the concept of array formulas, we have created a five post series (actually 6) in which we will capture the concepts of array formulas and how they can be used to perform complex tasks in MS Excel – specially pulling data for dashboards.



3a   (coming soon)

4_mod  (coming soon)

5  (coming soon)

6a  (coming soon)

By the end of this tutorial series we hope that you would be well equipped to write super awesome array formulas. So, sit back and enjoy reading !

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