Dashboard 101 – Ultimate Free Tutorial for Making MS Excel Dashboards

What is this section about?

This section is about things that you must know about Microsoft Excel if you want to convert your ideas into effective dashboards. We have listed them below and are a must for anyone starting to explore the world of dashboards.

You would notice that we have mentioned them in a reverse order (10 to 1). That’s because it’s a  countdown to your first dashboard and by the end of this section we expect that you would have all the information you need to convert your ideas into awesome dashboards. So, let the countdown begin and feel free to contact us at query@crabsheet.com for any queries that you may have.

# 10 Design - presentation matters; learn hot make appealing dashboards#9 The Drop-Downs - details on taking user inputs#8 The Bare Essential Formulas - list of 10 formulas you must know#7 Named Ranges - learn how to handle changing rows of data#6 Dynamic Charts - learn how to make charts with variable data (even charts with variable chart type)#5 Conditional Formatting - ever wondered how those cell color changes in professional dashboards? learn to do it yourself#4 Protection - learn how to restrict user access to certain parts of your dashboard and protect your intellectual property#3 Data Structure - importance of maintaining input standards#2 Excel Shapes - they can be used to add both beauty and utility#1 Miscellaneous  Dashboard Tricks

You should be all set now to make your first dashboard. If the dashboard you are making is not confidential in nature and if you are fine with the idea of sharing  it with us (along with a description of what your dashboard does) we can post it on our blog for the world to appreciate your dashboard skills—and you can be an Microsoft Excel guru yourself, helping others in their Excel endeavors.

Best of luck !

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  4. Pam Sommers

    Thanks – bookmarking for reference after I finish bathing the dogs – have new position as Quality Analyst within a healthcare system Integration team that is rolling out Oracle SOA/Fusion, and have metrics to get – I have the freedom to create my own dashboard, but no fancy tool – psyched, but not a guru in Excel so need assistance. – hope this is worth the time! Will post more after I complete it!


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